On Earth Week 2021, Senator Mike Crapo along with 16 other Republican cosponsors — including Senate Agriculture Committee Ranking Member John Boozman and Senate Minority Whip John Thune — and 17 Democrats reintroduced the Growing Climate Solutions Act (GCSA).

This bill is a market-based approach to mitigating the increasing effects of a changing climate. The GCSA empowers farmers, including producers right here in Idaho, to voluntarily participate in carbon markets certified by the US Department of Agriculture.

Farmers who depend on their cash crops could now be rewarded for sustainable agricultural practices that sequester carbon in our atmosphere by entities seeking to offset their greenhouse gas emissions.

The GCSA is just the right kind of policy approach for Idaho. Thank you, Senator Crapo for seeing the need to build a brighter and cleaner future for Idaho, our farmers, and people by cosponsoring the GCSA. I urge you to continue working across the aisle towards more consensus on other climate-friendly legislation like the GCSA that will benefit Idahoans for generations to come.

Dave Rogers,