Officials with the Portneuf Library District appear to be taking the view that the $11 million-plus bond levy failed because they "failed to get their message out to the voters."

My opinion would likely be closer to something like "The promoters of the bond levy themselves failed to get the message being sent by the voters!" The message implicit in the failure to get even close to a simple majority is more likely that property taxes in Pocatello and Chubbuck are already the highest in the state, and people simply cant afford more property taxes!

My wife and I are life-long patrons of the Portneuf Library, and we appreciate the good job they do, but we think the demand on its services simply cannot justify that level of expansion. We've never been in the Portneuf library when we felt it was crowded. The library is adequate to meet the needs of the patrons at the present time, and likely will be for some years to come.

C.R. Stucki,