Our 2020 election is not simply about who will be president, who will represent us, but who we are as a nation. That is the existential question posed by Trumpism and its followers. This is not a normal election; these are not normal times.

The white nationalism and racism of Trumpsim is terrorizing our fundamental ideals. It is terrorizing the Latinx families and workers at many companies, terrorizing Latinx immigrants at our border.

The GOP-Cult of Trump offers only fear and prejudice to already fearful worried people. Democrats offer something for everyone's family: health care, affordable college, living wage, rebuilding infrastructure, taxation of corporations and the wealthy to pay their share of our societal costs.

Voting GOP-Cult of Trump is like voting for George Wallace or David Duke. Do something positive in 2020, Vote out the Trumpists in our state Legislature and federal delegation. Vote for our democracy, our Constitution, our American ideals. You can't sit back and not vote or vote for Trumpism. Too much is at stake. If you must hold your nose, do it and vote Democratic. You'll be helping yourself as well as your country.

Dallas Chase,