I support Chris Stevens for Seat 1 on the Pocatello City Council. The election takes place Tuesday, November 5, and I urge everyone to vote.

I have three reasons for this.

Number one is her leadership in the successful citizens initiative to expand Medicaid in Idaho. She spear-headed gathering signatures in Bannock County. I remember well attending a meeting in which she insisted everyone in the room sign before we left. I was impressed.

Number two is her support of renewable energy in Pocatello. As a longtime conservation leader both locally and statewide, I have worked to preserve open space, rivers and streams, and the wise use of energy. So I was happy to discover that Stevens has a similar agenda and, for example, is active in the Citizens’ Climate Lobby. These are the folks who have pushed locally for solar energy and nationally for a the carbon tax which would set aside funds to clean up after polluting industries.

Number three is that she has the obvious energy and ability to serve on our city council. I admire her and the others who are willing to take on this major responsibility and take the time to look out for the rest of us.

Jackie Johnson Maughan,