I've had the opportunity to work with hundreds of people over the last 50 years or so, and Chris is one of those special people you meet in life. Most of us focus on a few things that benefit us directly, and then occasionally help out with things that benefit others. Chris focuses on things that mostly benefit others. She's involved in a variety of issues (maintaining public access to public lands, protecting human rights, keeping our water safe to drink, promoting renewable energy, keeping government accountable to the people and keeping taxes as low as possible, ensuring health care for the poor, and probably a few other things I'm not even aware of. Essentially she cares deeply about people and ensuring they have a healthy and productive environment to live in.

She could care less if you're a Democrat or a Republican. I would best describe her as a practical progressive, working hard to make a better community, a better state and a better country. She's willing to work with anyone who can help move things forward in a positive way. And she's willing to challenge those public servants that are not meeting the needs of the people.

I have known very few people that work as hard as Chris does. She constantly attends public meetings, she listens to everyone and gets their thoughts on how to move forward, and as you probably know, she often writes editorials for the paper on a variety of issues.

Chris is running for the Pocatello City Council this November. She is the type of candidate who would help move Pocatello forward. Please take the time to get to know her — and I think you'll find she is someone worthy of voting for.

Mike Larkin,