I quite agree with almost all of George Coutis' opinion piece in the recent "Journal." He carefully articulated so much of the struggles of our people today in this "troubled" country of ours. But I would have to take issue with his thought that capitalism is not the problem — "greedyism" and "pure selfishness" being the real culprits.

There is no doubt that "greedyism" and "pure selfishness" of some individuals do, indeed, further complicate the system. But there is, I would suggest, a need to modify our current structural basic Capitalistic economic system. (At one point I did study Marxism both at ISU and while earning a master's in theological studies in Chicago back in the 1980s, so have some knowledge of this topic.)

Based on those years of study and subsequent observation, I would strongly suggest, short of Marxism, or even socialism, we might be better to simply get back to regulations that kept full-steam-ahead capitalism at bay. The controls have been coming off slowly but surely over the last 30 years or so, complicated by various tax exemptions and it simply is not working.

So it might not be so hard to get back on track as some would suggest. Simply tax those who have the wealth, doing away with many of the loopholes, and get on in the least disruptive way of redistributing wealth in a nation once touted as the "classless" society, even if in reality we never achieved that. At least we don't have to be satisfied with the second "Gilded Age" — Mark Twain's words for the time around the turn of the 19th century when a few folks were considered "robber barons" who gained their wealth through the hard work of others.

This common sense approach would go a very long way to solving many of our extreme economic problems, especially since it was not that very long ago when regulated capitalism was in place.

Jane Vitale,