The ending of 2020 finds everyone seeking hope, normal conversations with loved ones and values to each life and rational ideas on how to end the current viral Pandemic. A change to the Senate bent on confusing social assistance of the collapsing economic structure, with some lame idea of creating too great a “socialistic financial backing” for the poor. Which now includes, most Americans who’ve had unemployment benefits run out, their savings depleted, food assistance limited for millions of people never before experiencing true hardship for their families, homes being foreclosed, businesses shuddered and closed due to the absolute mishandling of a terribly contagious Covid Pandemic being denied by some as they die from it even with all the available medical help given to them. The stock market rise means nothing to most Americans. It appears that with the evaporation of the once conservative Republican Party as it “devolves” into a banter of the rich seeking to retain permanent control of the Senate and the out-going Trump dynasty for their “future” children’s benefits, are ignoring the collapse of these United States of America, stating that they could care less about the Constitution or Bill of Rights this country deserves to uphold. We must remain a free society and not the social slaves to politically, uncaring rich politicians, who are trying to elevate themselves above our entire population as they continue to decimate it by incorrect distributing of Covid testing, any vaccines that have been developed that may help the Public just trying with their families to survive from the Aristocratic takeover of America, by the socially enabled elite. The New Year 2021 may finally take back some semblance of normalcy, slowly at first. But with established goals, competent people in charge of our new government and pathways for vaccines and safe social practices. We as Americans may save ourselves from a complete financial collapse and the rule of a dictator style government that as a Nation, have endured while so many Americans and people worldwide have died from Covid. With the confidence behind a caring society and human innovations as we help ourselves until we can redirect our newly elected officials to deal with needed social assistance in an effort to save our people, rather than throwing them under the Covid bus of politics. HOPE and FAITH in science and LOVE in a new year’s upward direction is coming. Take a deep breath, calm the screaming in our souls as a Nation for those lost and prepare to save the America we still remember and build a better United States and world for all races of people. Tolerance is as close as simply showing each other we do care to design a better world, by helping those in need first. A step up in financial assistance is NOT socialism, but true compassion for humanity and a redirection away from the elitism of the few money mongers (out of touch with reality) as they try to enslave the free world, a dollar and a life at a time passing. Be strong, be at peace with each other and try to have true compassion where there’s been so little for too long. Change is a good thing and it’s coming soon for all of us.

Danny Higgins,