Why is bullying becoming accepted behavior? Teachers are starting to turn a blind eye, students are getting away with more things, and it’s not getting better. Bullying has become easier because of crowded classrooms, texting, and cyber bullying. We hear people talk about it all the time, but they don’t DO anything.

Teachers should punish students for every bullying situation (for example: cleaning the lunchroom or similar things, detention, suspension, expulsion). They should listen to the students who are telling them about the bullying situation!

I have been bullied in the past and teachers wouldn’t really listen to me. They seem to think it’s “kids being kids,” but for me, it wasn’t. I wanted their help but didn’t get any. I believe it is becoming accepted as the new normal because it happens to everybody.

Maybe instead of talking about how bullying is bad, we can focus more on the good. Talk about ways to be kind, to be helpful, to be happy. Talk about how people are different and that it is OK that the differences are there. Stop focusing on the negative and look on the positive! The talking isn’t working! Now it’s time for a new plan…..KINDNESS! Talk about that!

Boyd Ashcraft,