When a bee is in your hand, beauty is in your eye. Why? Because beauty is in the eye of the ‘bee-holder’. Unfortunately, the opportunity to hold a bee is rapidly decreasing. Amatuer beekeepers in Boise have been losing their hives to a number of threats in the past few years. One of which is the overuse of pesticides which contain neonicotinoids. This problem is not limited to residential areas. Studies have found a loss of over half of all native bee colonies. The direct result is that 71 of the 100 crops which provide food for the entire globe are being pollinated at half the rates they were in the past.

There is hope to be gained in this dilemma. Banning the use of pesticides which contain neonics in both residential and agricultural spaces will, without a doubt, shift the direction of this decline. Doing so requires Governor Little to stand fast against the opposition of big chemical companies and call for a moratorium on bee-killing pesticides. I trust that he will do so, given that everyone will suffer if we lose our beloved bees.

Morgan Corkish,