Somehow the public outcry falls on deaf ears once again. The people don’t need training on how you’ve harmed the elderly on fixed incomes, the retired on fixed incomes, the university students on fixed budgets or the renters working part-time jobs as few large scale businesses hire full-time workers due to cost cutting due to health care liabilities, so by only hiring less than full-timers they save money.

We understand only that you in your finite wisdom of housing and property appraisal from being a realtor, still feel no blame for creating turmoil to so many lives and leaving all these people mentioned without any options when property taxes are increased.

You have not understood the basic flaws in your judgment or the influx of only a few that have been able to protest compared to ALL the people wronged permanently by your mistakes in appraisals according to some computer program that wasn’t compatible with your existing equipment as it ALL lacks compassion.

Still to no avail. Bannock County and Pocatello continue to make irrational project expansions, such as a new City Logo ($90,000) but what about the related costs of installing them on all City vehicles? Or the North Gate project “Build it they will come,” another field of dreams to be fulfilled similar to the once wondrous “Hoku” project.

Your anticipated windfall of property taxes has suddenly released the coffers of, as of yet, empty promises and needless taxation on people struggling to feed their families and not have utilities turned off.

Training classes for citizens to understand your mistakes are not needed or appreciated. When you buy a home or property is the initial cost, when you sell it, the price difference is the current value increase.

Blatantly raising values to increase property taxation does NOT reflect a new value on properties but relates to an increase State, County and City budgets now need to operate. It is FAR past the time to rely on individual property owners to supply the taxes for your budgets.

It is time however, to add certain properties to the taxroll that get freebies on the property tax rate to date. Start taxing State, City, County buildings and churches that have more than three structures to their affiliation. We don’t need lessons on what manner you figure our tax rates, WE PAY THEM. It’s time to share the tax burdens, when we as citizens can’t afford your planning investments.

You can tell how it affects Pocatello as the university enrollment slows and more stores are closing weekly not only statewide but nationally and as home prices rise but continue to outpace purchases. I can’t even start with how this affects farmers and ranchers, but we all need help financially and not with “Appraisal 101” classes. Thanks but no thanks.

Danny Higgins