"Are You There" or Are You The One"

"Helpless or Hopeless" 

Are You the Little Blue Engine Train that said "I think I Can" and "Did"?

I've reached the age when I am the one in need --- I can't remember how to do any more. I can now totally related to that story. --- "I'M THERE!" and "IT'S SCARY!" Age doesn't count or comfort, etc. 

You don't have to be old --- even new cars break down, just as the young have their challenges  --- I hope we can be charitable and understanding adn be there for all --- LIFT IS THE NAME OF THE GAME --- Be Willing! Be There! One day, you may be The ONE --- Even new cars break down sometimes. We are all God's children. Please Be Aware and Care! "KINDNESS BEGETS KINDNESS".

Just how much do we love and honor ALL our Fellowmen! My Father befriended a man after serving in World War I --- We adopted that man as our Uncle Al --- My Father and him became as "BLOOD BROTHERS" --- His name was Albert Nonnemacher. 

My Father told us how he came to meet some of the Negro Battalion during World War I --- He said "They were some of the Bravest Men he had ever met -- They were sent to fight in places where they were not likely to survive."

Just how much do we honor "ALL" our Fellowmen and I MEAN "ALL"!


"Be Aware!" and "Care!"

Janet, Andrews,