Dear Governor Little:

Much has been made by you and others of your roots deep in the agricultural traditions of Idaho. Your actions as Lt. Governor, and your campaign tracks across the state when running for Governor, reinforced this concept. That’s awesome. Idaho’s economy and subsequently its position as an agricultural powerhouse are part of its sustainable future.

Given all those facts, I write today to question why you have not stood up strongly in support of allowing hemp as an agricultural product in Idaho. Apparently, the Idaho climate is extraordinarily well suited for the crop, growers stand to make millions of $$ in existing markets and the uses for a variety of hemp products are expanding every day. Even BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) is now using products derived from hemp in cars assembled in the United States.

Sure, there are some issues regarding how to test hemp products for illegal levels of THC the active “high” ingredient in marijuana, but if you reflect on that a moment, you will come to the conclusion that monitoring THC in hemp is no more difficult than monitoring dairy products at Idaho’s dozens of dairies or various sensors at airports to detect currently illegal materials not allowed aboard commercial airliners.

So, how about it Governor? Why don’t you work with the GOP dominated legislature and devise a set of mechanisms to allow Idaho producers to benefit from hemp production like they do from potatoes and hops? It would be good for all of the aspects of the state’s economy and the spin-off and cottage industry startups would generate thousands of jobs…. Something I know we agree is important to all of Idaho, and to you as Governor.

John W. Sigler

Pocatello, Idaho