As a resident in the neighborhood of Bonneville Elementary School, and the probability of demolition of this building, I feel compelled to offer some advice to NeighborWorks Pocatello as I have some knowledge, albeit limited, when it comes to asbestos and its abatement.

Back when this building was constructed asbestos was used widely, and I can not over stress, widely used in construction materials as a "filler." Materials such as roofing, flooring, wall coverings (plaster), bricks, the mortar that binds the bricks, ceramic sewage piping, and yes of course insulation.

In a building as old as Bonneville Elementary the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) classifies all of these materials as Possible Asbestos Containing Materials or (PACM). OSHA also classifies PACM as Asbestos Containing Materials or (ACM) until they can be tested and re-classified as Asbestos Free.

NeighborWorks is a good and noble organization. I just hope that they re-consider their plans on this possibly costly endeavor. Thanks.

David Yowell,