In Mr. Don Aslett’s recent poetic writing endeavor he opines upon how “the Boss” is so unfairly treated in our society.

I understand that business owners sometimes take significant risk to their own financial well-being. This is the nature of our capitalistic society. Within that risk-taking is the chance of the significant reward.

This is the reason that so many businesses start, that opportunity to reap the greater reward for their labor. If the owner becomes an employer then the success that they may achieve becomes reliant upon the employees' labor. It is at this point that the owner becomes responsible to and for their employees.

The relationship between employer and employee is vital. If the employer acts as a feudal lord, then is it the employees' (serf) fault if that relationship creates an environment that leads to failure? No. That falls upon the employer's lack of realization of how to treat a fellow human in a manner that creates engagement.

As a union member, in my relationship with an employer, I have never tried to or supported an effort to “take all of his rights” but rather worked to help employers and unions work together to support the rights of employees to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The history of our country is filled with “the Boss” taking advantage of employees. It was not the greed of the workers that was the impetus for the creation of Unions, it was the greed of “the Boss.”

In his need for more profit he worked employees long hours for low wages. And when he could not find an employee willing to work at those wages or conditions he sufficed with “hiring” children.

Labor laws, safety and environmental regulations all came about due to “the Boss...adjusting his needs to make do” and because “it’s a constant struggle to make cash juggle.”

When employees were sickened, injured or killed at work due to poor working conditions or safety issues, it became necessary to enact Workman's Compensation laws so that an employee could be made whole at the expense of those responsible, "the Boss."

The Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) was instituted when the levels of elderly individuals living, or dying, in poverty reached epidemic levels because "the Boss" had found that elderly employees could no longer work at levels that were profitable and discarded them.

I believe, Mr. Aslett, that you should reflect on the positions that you have taken. In my eyes you seem to have assumed the personality of the popular Holliday character, Ebenezer Scrooge.

Nate Roberts,