Bryce Angell (ISJ online 1/13/2020) wrote about praying for the president, inspired by his grandmother’s admonishment to “pray for those in need.” I agree with her. And I agree with Mr. Angell totally, that the current US President could use a prayer. My prayer would differ, however, to be more generic than the current president. My prayer would be for the US to have a president, whoever it might be, who exhibits qualities that are necessary to lead this nation. My prayer will follow, but first, according to an independent US history organization, eight “common leadership qualities that good Presidents appear to have are the following:

• A strong vision for the country's future

• An ability to put their own times in the perspective of history

• Effective communication skills

• The courage to make unpopular decisions

• Crisis management skills

• Character and integrity

• Wise appointments

• An ability to work with Congress” (

My prayer is then that the USA should have a president and other leaders who possess ALL of the leadership qualities noted by, plus abilities to:

• Encourage advisors to offer dissenting opinions; then consider them fully

• Place the good of the country above one’s personal interests

• Inspire others to place the good of the country above personal interests

• Admit to their mistakes, learn from them, and avoid repeating them

• Do their homework and be well-informed on issues

• Respect and value all humans on earth and the Earth itself

• Tell the truth—be honest with themselves and the American public.

This nation needs high-quality leadership. I pray that the next presidential election provides it.

Alan C. Frantz,