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During Republican Neil Anderson’s many years in the Idaho Legislature, he earned a solid reputation as a no-nonsense lawmaker who made decisions based on common sense rather than politics.

It’s our hope that whoever becomes Anderson’s successor follows in his footsteps by putting the needs of Bingham County and its residents above any of the political nonsense that goes on in Boise.

The Republican primary features two solid candidates vying to replace Anderson. Chad Cole and David Cannon would both do fine jobs for Bingham County, but Republican primary voters can only choose one.

While we believe Cole’s values are in line with Bingham County voters, Cannon brings much more to the table and would be the better choice.

Cannon is a lifelong Bingham County resident and longtime Blackfoot attorney who we believe would provide the best replacement for Anderson in the Legislature.

In fact, Anderson asked Cannon to run for his spot. Such an endorsement should not be lost on Bingham County voters.

Cannon is a big believer in capitalism and in his opinion the government should not interfere with the free market.

But he’s a compassionate conservative and one thing we got from our interview with him is his desire to study issues before forming an opinion. We found that Cannon was almost too cautious when answering our questions.

That might be the attorney in him but one thing the Idaho Legislature doesn’t need is another shoot-from-the-hip politician who’s going to put our state in a questionable light.

The fact that Bingham County has been Cannon’s lifelong home means that he cares deeply about the county’s residents, and their well-being will weigh heavily on any decision he has to make as a legislator.

Cole has a genuine interest in Bingham County as well. He’s lived in the county for many years and is heavily involved in his church, Boy Scouts and local school programs. He worked for the state of Idaho for many years before becoming an independent contract programmer.

The fact that neither Cole nor Cannon has ever run for elected office before will ensure that the winner of this race will face a steep learning curve as a rookie legislator in Boise.

But all things considered, we firmly believe Cannon has the skill set and bandwidth to be the more effective of the two in a Legislature where newcomers can fall under the wrong influences and/or let their newfound power cloud their judgment.

If Bingham County Republican voters are interested in replacing Anderson with a statesman who will provide equal leadership, Cannon is that candidate.

Considering there is no Democrat in this race, whoever wins the GOP primary will likely win in November. So voting in this primary is extremely important for Bingham County Republicans.

Anderson not only built a solid reputation for himself during his years as a lawmaker, he also put Bingham County in a very positive light by not doing anything to embarrass or tarnish the county’s reputation.

Unfortunately, there are many other Idaho legislative districts that can’t say the same about their representatives.

Bingham County deserves intelligent and responsible leadership in Anderson’s successor and we believe Cannon will not disappoint.