Paul Entrikin

Paul Entrikin

Sing along with me, “The wheels on the bus are coming off, coming off, coming off, the wheels on the bus are coming off, all through the land.” It’s a catchy children’s song with multiple verses. If you don’t know it, ask any child to sing it for you. The children’s verses are cute and innocent. The verses sung by the Biden/Harris puppet administration, the Democrats, and their media propaganda arm are anything but.

For years the Democrats rode along in their bus singing in unison, “We have Russian evidence, evidence, evidence. … Trust us we really do,” but that wheel flew off when the actual evidence of Hillary’s lies and the Democratic Party’s funding of the fabrication were proved. The lug nuts at the Department of Justice, NSA, CIA and the FBI knew they were playing fast and loose with the truth, but felt it was their duty to stifle President Donald Trump’s election. It really torques me that institutions that once upon a time were protectors of America’s interests and laws loosened their grip on reason and became so partisan. Will the lauded scribblers who breathlessly promoted these lies rotate and return their fraudulent Pulitzer Prizes? Never, that’s not the way they roll.

“Hunter’s laptop is so fake, is so fake, is so fake … It’s Russian propaganda” sang the choir of media hacks and big tech censors as they deleted all public mention of “The Laptop From Hell” just before the 2020 election. Oops, that wheel broke right off when the lies of every intelligence agency were finally exposed. Yes, Hunter Biden really is a crack-smoking, prostitution-using, access-peddling voyeur who kicks back 10 percent to the Big Guy. “Journalists” and big tech giants sold out to their masters knowing the facts were such a bump in the road to a stolen Democratic victory. “Fake news” is far too weak a term for the level of unscrupulous, corrupt conduct of all involved. The fourth estate crowd have truly lost their wheel bearings as they roll on to the left.

Watch out for shredded truth debris as you ride along the Democrat’s road to the destruction of America. I’m so tired of maneuvering around all the lies from this administration and their rolling roadblock of media junkers. Their rubbish is scattered all over the media highway. Verse three goes, “Afghanistan, it went so well, went so well. … It was a great success.” Who writes these lyrics and how demented and callous does Biden have to be to sing this song? Tragically it took a suicide bomber, 13 coffins and a drone-slaughtered family to pull this wheel right off its spindle as President Biden and his woke generals let the Taliban roll over the USA.

Sing along with Dr Fauci, “The virus on the bus will go away, go away, go away. … Just mask and take your shots.” “Experts,” politicians and pundits have been scrambling to find a set of wheels that will stay on the COVID-19 bus, but it’s all a cross-threaded misadventure. If you haven’t figured it out yet, lockdowns won’t stop it. Vaccinations (the ones used today anyway) won’t stop it. And I guarantee you OSHA rules won’t keep the wheels on the virus bus either.

The most fully vaccinated countries (Israel, Singapore …) are having record breakthrough case numbers. The vaccinated still get sick and can be carriers. The bug exists in animal life, so unlike smallpox that only affected humans, we will never eradicate it. By all means get vaccinated to reduce your symptoms, but it’s not a one-and-done preventive measure. Booster shots will be advisable. Perhaps an annual flu-like shot is coming. Thanks to sloppy Chinese labs and Fauci-funding we just have to learn to live with riding on a shredded COVID-19 tire and roll on.

Unfortunately masks won’t stop COVID-19 either. (Democratic leaders and elites only wear them when they are on camera.) The masks you and I wear are not very effective against a virus. Like the Victory Gardens of old, mask wearing has an aspect of busy work to make the masses feel as though they are helping win the victory over the virus. If you have recovered, you and your acquired immunity have done more than anything else for humanity toward rolling over COVID-19.

With so many missing wheels and flat tires, it’s no wonder the Democrats’ misaligned bus can only roll downhill. As with any crisis, be it a hurricane, shooting, or riot, the authoritarian Democrats see the COVID-19 virus as an opportunity to take a tire iron to our rights, culture, values and institutions and beat America into a land you won’t recognize. That’s just the way they roll.

Paul Entrikin is a resident of Pocatello. He grew up in Baton Rouge and has two degrees from Louisiana State University. Following a tour in Vietnam as an Army officer, he began his career in information technology. The last 35 years of his career were with ExxonMobil at a variety of foreign and domestic locations.