Paul Entrikin

Paul Entrikin

The mission of the Jan. 6 committee (J6C) is to discredit President Donald Trump and prevent his reelection. That’s what it’s all about. Do you recall the lying chant of “Russia, Russia, Russia” the last time around? Now the same politicians and the same media, with the same “Never Trump” goal, are banging out a mind numbing drumbeat of “Trump, Trump, Trump.” Shall we be fooled a second time? (Or is it the third or fourth time; I’ve lost count.)

Three questions come to mind about the J6C. First, given the Democrat’s track record, can we trust their veracity? Second, how do partisan politics and personal animus affect the committee’s work? Third, is the J6C bringing the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about Jan. 6 to the table?

Honesty and the left

The veracity of the Democratic Party leaves a lot to be desired. The left’s lies and misdirections from Russia-gate, to Hunter’s laptop, to Hillary Clinton’s actual sedition (as per former Attorney General Bill Barr who liberals now love again) shows they have scant interest in the truth.

Democrats lie even when they have to know the truth will soon come out. For example, why defame folks as Russian apologists and worse for warning about our government sponsored bio labs in Ukraine falling into Putin’s hands? With all the media attention on Ukraine it was going to be impossible to hide 46 bio labs for long, but the left denied them anyway. Why was that?

First of all, lying or at least shifting responsibility, is the Democratic Party’s first reaction to any news that puts them in a negative light. (Think inflation, gas prices, pole numbers…) Second, they lie because the Democrats can count on their media to cover for them. And in this case they lied because it was such a tempting opportunity to spin a few fake news cycles about Tulsi Gabbard for her “treasonist lies” and Tucker Carlson for his “Russia conspiracy theories.”

The Democrat’s and their media are simply past the point of feeling shame and remorse for stretching truth beyond the breaking point. It’s just what they do.

Political and personal motives of the J6C

The ruling Democrats at the federal, state, and big city local levels are desperate to distract the electorate from the disasters they have overseen, and in most cases caused, by their own liberal policies and inept progressive administrations. The Democrat’s leaders anticipate a severe drubbing in the coming elections.

The Democratic Party strategists must look at their bench of uninspiring candidates in dismay in contrast to the enthusiastic base of Trump supporters. They fear the comparison of the Trump years of energy independence, sound money, no wars, actual border controls, and lower crime to the consistent failures of the puppet Biden-Harris administration. Though their media tries, the difference is too stark to hide or gaslight away.

So what’s a socialistic, rabidly green political party to do when they finally realize their uber-progressive priorities are not those of the voters? Well, they concoct a sham J6C to run another endless Muller-like “investigation” of the man they both fear and hate the most in all the world.

It’s more than just politics. This is personal to the Democratic Party’s leaders and the committee’s never-Trumpers Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

The whole truth?

The J6C has hidden or ignored at least as much of the truth about Jan. 6 as it has revealed. The J6C freely lies about the most pertinent facts knowing that most of the media will not refute them.

The demonstrators were not armed. No officers were beaten with fire extinguishers. No police were killed on Jan. 6. Sad as they were, neither the stroke death nor the suicides that occurred days and weeks after Jan. 6 were line-of-duty deaths. No fires were set. Capital police did open doors and invite protesters to come inside. President Trump called for a peaceful, orderly march to the Capital and as things got out of hand, he told the crowd to go home.

Some perspective please. The Jan. 6 crowd that went inside the Capital did break laws, but not heads.

What pathetic, “armed insurrectionists” these were to not burn any police cars, or bring any bricks or Molotov cocktails along to throw at law officers. Along with all their other weapons the crowd even left their police-blinding lasers at home. Except for the Feds, no earbud radio coordination among the crowd members either. The crowd couldn’t even find any stores to loot. These guys and gals even failed to establish an independent zone of lawless government as was done in Portland. Seems a lot more like a spontaneous demonstration than a planned coup led by armed insurrectionists.

Whole incidents are conveniently overlooked by the J6C because they might dilute the J6C’s single “Trump, Trump, Trump” focus. Pipe bombs? The J6C just ignores them. Shooting a 110 pound, unarmed woman to death? The J6C just whitewashes it and uncharacteristically for the left, quickly exonerated the policeman. Responsibility for the understaffed police forces despite the anticipated tension of the day? The J6C is hardly interested. How many government provocateurs were there? Who sent them? Why were they there? The J6C couldn’t care less. The J6C won’t even release all the videos of the day, but they will edit “evidence” if it advances their cause.

“The Jan. 6 committee admitted that it changed a text message between former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and Rep. Jim Jordan, excluding relevant context about how they wanted then-Vice President Mike Pence to handle electoral votes.” (Virginia Abrams, Congressional Reporter)

In summary

The entire J6C farce can be summed up in a single sentence:

A prevaricating Democratic Party, in deep trouble at the poles, is ironically trying to cast an actual mostly-peaceful-protest as an armed insurrection in an attempt to discredit President Trump and ultimately prevent his reelection.

It’s all a staged play with plenty of drama, but hardly a whiff of sincerity. The J6C’s performance is being produced, directed, and scripted down to the teleprompter level like a propaganda show trial.

Let’s not kid ourselves. The January Sixth Committee would not exist if President Trump was not a political threat to the Democratic Party and a personal threat to many professional politicians and much of the entrenched Federal bureaucracy.

P.S. Advice regarding Supreme Court discussions:

Detest Supreme Court rulings all you like, but comparing our Supreme Court Justices to Adolf Hitler’s sham Volksgerichtshof (People’s Court) is not a winning hand, stacked deck or no. The first person to go, “Nazi,” in a debate automatically loses. (Godwin’s Law and Dodd’s Corollary)

Such language might even inspire someone to try to assassinate a Supreme Court Justice. (Oh wait, that’s already happened.)

Those devoted to the journalistic standards of the Huffington Post might consider their sound advice: “To call someone a Nazi is to trivialize the world's worst genocide. It is to trivialize the great global tragedy of the last century.”

Paul Entrikin is a resident of Pocatello. He grew up in Baton Rouge and has two degrees from Louisiana State University. Following a tour in Vietnam as an Army officer, he began his career in information technology. The last 35 years of his career were with ExxonMobil at a variety of foreign and domestic locations.