“Our View” is a recently organized group in Bingham County whose intent is to occasionally express our views on political issues that affect the citizens of our county through letters to our local newspapers’ editors or to our elected officials. The dozen members of our group may not all take a position on the individual issues we address and those who do take a position may not all see the same route forward. Therefore there is a possibility that we may submit both a letter of support and a letter of opposition on the same issue. Either way we intend for the discourse to be civil, respectful and factual. By laying out the reasons we feel as we do we hope our correspondences can be informative to many of our fellow citizens. Our members, who have been chosen at least partly for their diversity of views, are as follows:

Neil Anderson

Dwight Baker

Chris Cannon

James Carter

Ladd Carter

Perry Hawker

Karole Honas

Holly Kartchner

Mark and Wendy Pratt

Quinn Stufflebeam

Chad Trappett

Julie Van Orden

None of us currently hold public office but some have served in political office and all have, as citizens, an interest in the decisions made by those who currently hold elected office. As a group we have no allegiance to any political party but we do hold a strong allegiance to our republic, our state and our community. We are all long time residents of Bingham County who want to see reason, logic, common sense and honesty prevail such that we can come closer to realizing the promise this great land offers to ourselves and our posterity.