Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy

With midterm election season upon us, local media outlets are providing the public with helpful voting guides. In last week’s Idaho State Journal “Voters’ Guide” section, candidates running in the May 17 primary discussed a variety of issues, yet totally omitted an important one.

Some candidates spoke out strongly on how Idaho must fix its schools. One candidate said, “I believe parents have a right to say what will be taught to their children.”

Well, sure, that sounds perfectly logical. Give me one good reason 200,000 Idaho parents shouldn’t be allowed to create individualized curricula for each of their children that the teachers must follow. That should certainly encourage young teachers to stay in the profession.

Another candidate believes that “parents must be put back in the driver’s seat of their children’s education.” That’s a great idea. Put parents “back in the driver’s seat” so that they can drive their own children to school to save tax dollars spent on all those $5.50 per gallon-guzzling school buses.

On a sidenote, one could not help but be a bit flummoxed when reading that many of the candidates interviewed criticized the quality of Idaho schools, yet they themselves graduated from Idaho schools?!

God was mentioned a lot in the newspaper’s voting guide. One candidate vowed to “Protect our God given right to own property.” Another felt that government should “let parents lead their children’s education as God intended.” In addition, there were numerous references to other “God given rights” and “God given gifts.” You come away from all that discussion wondering which candidate to trust as having the clearest communication channel with God.

Candidates promised to protect Idaho businesses from government shutdown mandates, stating such arguments as “… every business is essential and deserves the right to do their business as long as they don’t infringe on the rights of others.”

“Every business”? Right on, dude. Then let’s get those marijuana shops open for business and stop sending Idaho dollars to Oregon.

The “Voters’ Guide” section revealed that a handful of candidates still cling to tried and untrue scare tactics as a substitute for solid policy proposals. Disproven dead issues like “stop critical race theory and other social justice indoctrination,” “I will fight the radicalism of the ‘woke’ left,” “the woke radical left,” “We have cultural Marxist ideologies being taught in our schools and universities,” “We are not a radical left community.” You know, stuff like that.

If that’s your thing, then selecting who to vote for should be amazingly simple. But me, I’ve got bigger concerns this election than non-existent claptrap. I mean BIG, as in intergalactic concerns.

Some candidates unknowingly gave hints of what I’m referring to as they issued warnings about “what may creep in if we let it,” “I have been… seeing what is creeping in” and “I see the evils on the horizon that are creeping in.”

Well, I see what may be creeping in also — and it is not pretty.

How is it that Idaho candidates for public office can protest that “immorality is being taught and promoted everywhere” and that there are “pornography materials in our K-12 schools” while at the same time failing to address the wickedness proclaimed in this shocking New York Post headline: “NASA to launch naked pictures of humans to space in hope of attracting aliens”?

I know this is coming as quite a jolt to many of you, and I apologize for defiling your Sunday morning. I, too, was aghast when I first read that headline.

By the time I completed the article, my hand was shaking so badly that I spilled coffee on my dog’s head as he sniffed around beneath the kitchen table hoping to discover a crumb from my chocolate donut.

Later, I hopefully scanned the ‘Voters’ Guide’ section of the Sunday newspaper, anxious to see what actions our Idaho politicians, if elected, would take to deal with this outrage, and found — nothing.

While Idaho politicians are busy hunting down pictures of naked rabbits, or what they call “pornography materials,” in children’s books, NASA is considering sending a picture of stark-naked male and female humans out to where all alien life forms can see it. Simply appalling!

And why do NASA scientists want to launch more space trash to what is already floating around up there? One answer is that they hope to “lure” aliens to us.

Another explanation is that aliens might be eager to see what humans look like just as we are curious about them. Right, like a nudist foreign exchange student program. That’s all we need, a bunch of naked E.T.s wandering around in our kids’ schools.

One scientist said that the picture will also include an invitation to respond should an “intelligent alien race find the space nudes,” though I’m not sure intergalactic pornography is the best way to attract “intelligent” extraterrestrials.

What I am sure of is that Idaho voters need to ask the primary candidates what they intend to do about this “porn stars go to Mars” program, which is just another example of government overreach going “where no man has gone before.”

Mike Murphy of Pocatello is an award-winning columnist whose articles are syndicated by Senior Wire. He published a book titled “Tortoise Crossing – Expect Long Delays,” which is a collection of 100 of his favorite columns. It is available on Amazon.com.

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