Edith Janice Thompson

Edith Thompson Janice Thompson Edith Janice Redford Thompson, 86, oldest daughter of Ross Dewsnup and Thelma Pratt Van Orden Redford, passed away on October 18, 2022 in her daughter's home in Brea, California. Janice was born in her grandmother's home in Chesterfield, Idaho on March 14, 1936 where she grew up on a dairy and cattle ranch. She graduated from North Gem High School in 1954 and attended Ricks College until 1956. She was Miss Caribou County in 1955 and 1956, and competed in the Miss Idaho Pageant of 1957. While Janice was attending Ricks College, she participated in musicals and was Rick's Cheer Queen in 1956. She graduated from BYU-Provo in 1958 in Secretarial Science with a minor in Music, which was the love of her life. While at BYU, she had many leads in operas and musicals. After graduating from BYU, Janice worked as a secretary in Salt Lake City at Eitel McCullough for four years. In 1962, she moved to Southern California to work for the LA Times for five years before she met and married Edward George Thompson in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple on December 14, 1967. They lived in Placentia, California until 1983 when they moved to Orlando, Florida where Janice worked alongside her husband, who worked for the LDS Church Education System. In 1992, Ed and Janice moved back to Placentia and eventually retired. As Janice loved music, she sang in and directed many choirs in California and Florida. She also enjoyed needlecraft and sewed intricately beaded Christmas stockings for each member of her family. Janice is survived by her children: Stephanie (Kevin) Petersen, Jill (Brian) Schwab, Mark (Kathryn) Thompson, and Paul (Jillian) Thompson. Janice also loved her twelve grandchildren: Kyle, Ryan, and Tyler (Stephanie) Petersen; Jacob, Paige, and Rider (Jill) Schwab; Sophia and Maura Monson (Mark); and Aubrey, Asa, and Trey Sanders and Wylder (Paul) Thompson. She is survived by her siblings: Shirley (Dennis) DeHart and Ross Craig Redford; her sisters-in-law Lucille and Carla Redford. She was preceded in death by her parents; her brothers: Robert (Lucille) Redford, Barry Kent (Carla) Redford, and Kay Lee Redford (infant). Memorial services will be held on Saturday, Nov 5th at 10 am at the LDS Church on 210 Livingston Ave. in Placentia, California. Interment will be at Loma Vista Memorial Park in Fullerton, California.

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