Elmer Hyrum Stanger

Elmer Stanger Hyrum Stanger Elmer Hyrum Stanger passed away December 4, 2022 at his beloved ranch in Inkom, Idaho. Elmer was born April 3, 1928 in Pocatello, Idaho to Elmer Calvert Stanger (Buck) and Nancy (Cleo) Olson Stanger. He married the love of his life Frances Ann Leo on July 31, 1948. They were then sealed for all time and eternity in 1965 in the Idaho Falls LDS Temple. They were married for 59 years before Frannie passed away October 22, 2007. Elmer and Frannie had 5 children---Rhett, David, Mitzi, Betzi and Bart. Elmer farmed and ranched all his life near Inkom. He was employed by Union Pacific Fruit Express (PFE) for 25 years. In his younger years, he worked for Portland Cement Company in Inkom and MK Construction as a security guard at night. Elmer loved farming and ranching with his dad Buck and his son David. Later, he also farmed with his grandsons Brian and Jeromey Stanger. They kept the ranch going raising hay, grain and a herd of cows and calves. This kept them all busy with farm life. At age 91 Elmer still ran the tractor and loaded the truck with hay to feed the cows. At 92 his eyesight became a problem and made it hard to get on the tractor. He appreciated all the help from family, friends, and good neighbors nearby. Elmer and Frannie love their children and were very proud of them. Elmer was preceded in death by his parents, Buck and Cleo; his sister, Betty (Val) Kissell; brother, Olie (Lois) Stanger; granddaughters, Jennifer M Hess and Tessa Jo Stanger; and his beloved dog, Ring. Elmer is survived by his sister, Suzanne Duffin; his children, Rhett (Maggan) Oregon City, Oregon, David (Debbie) Pocatello, Mitzi Hess (Steven) Holbrook, Idaho, Betzi Schuerman Pocatello and Bart Stanger Inkom, Idaho; and his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The family would like to thank Hospice for the care they provided to "Pa" in his final days. The family would also like to thank sons, David and Bart and grandson, Jeromey who cared for him 24/7 so he could stay at his home at the ranch he loved so much. A graveside service will be held on Saturday, December 17, 2022 at 1:00 PM at the Inkom Cemetery in Inkom, Idaho. Condolences may be made at www.wilkscolonialchapel.com

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