SAN ANTONIO, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Nearly 28 percent of individuals in America want access to their wages on-demand as soon as they are earned, rather than waiting for a traditional payday schedule. This finding was revealed in the 2020 "Getting Paid In America" survey, conducted by the American Payroll Association (APA) during National Payroll Week.

"Today's global events magnify the need for greater pay flexibility," said Warren Perlman, chief information officer for Ceridian. "We believe in the next five years, HR and business leaders will look to pay their people on-demand to help them better manage unexpected expenses, minimize financial stress, and improve engagement."

The annual " Getting Paid In America" survey asked, "Would you like access to some or all of your wages on-demand as you earn them instead of waiting for payday?" More than 9,000 people, nearly 28 percent of respondents, indicated this is a benefit they want or are already using.

"As the way we work rapidly changes, the way employees think about their paycheck is rapidly changing, too," says Bob DelPonte, vice president and general manager of Workforce Ready Group, Kronos Incorporated, which merged with Ultimate Software and will become UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) on October 1. "Organizations that empower their payroll teams with modern technology will create more time to focus on strategic employee initiatives, like financial wellness."

On-demand wage payment is a new, emerging tool for employees that can help them better manage their day-to-day finances. The payment method enables employees to access a portion of their wages as they earn them through a third-party early wage access provider, rather than waiting for a lump sum payment on a designated payday. Those advance funds are paid back to the third-party early wage access provider automatically on the traditional payday. Some employers are beginning to use a flexible pay schedule as an added benefit in the workplace.

The "Getting Paid In America" survey showed that more than five percent of respondents were already taking advantage of this new technology. Of those, 52 percent indicated they access on-demand pay benefits through a program offered by their employer.

"Many employers, particularly in industries such as retail and hospitality, have been focusing on offering financial wellness guidance, as well as offering early wages access, said Marianna Santiago vice president of workforce and pay product management for Workday. "Early wage access certainly gives workers greater flexibility and control over when they get paid so they can better meet their financial obligations."

"The "Getting Paid In America" survey was held in conjunction with the APA's annual public awareness campaign National Payroll Week, September 7-11. Over 35,000 individuals responded to the survey, providing insight into how individuals are paid in America. For complete survey results, visit

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