MONTREAL, Aug. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - Alizeti now offers a DIY rack-mounted e-bike system for cyclists who want to go further and still be able to enjoy their existing bike for commuting or leisure. This affordable, all-in-one rack-mounted e-bike conversion kit allows you to quickly and easily repurpose and transform your existing bike into a pedelec.

Designed and assembled in Canada, the Alizeti 300C e-bike system was conceived to be a serviceable, lightweight yet powerful. At only 6kg (13lbs) the aluminum design is both sleek and robust and guaranteed to turn heads. The 500-watt friction drive motor provides a top speed of 32 Kph (20 Mph) and is ideal for both daily commutes and leisurely rides.

The Flex-Drive battery system allows you to instantly double your range to 64 km (40 mi) by simply inserting a second swappable 24V 11.6Ahr lithium-ion battery weighing only 1.4kg (3 lb.).

Alizeti considers rider safety to be very important, so the discreet handlebar-mounted controller includes a horn and integrated LED strobe lights. Alizeti has also included automatic rear brake lights to make riders more visible day or night.

The Alizeti 300C offers many features not found on e-bikes costing substantially more, including an integrated alarm system, Bluetooth connectivity, integrated sound system, automatic lights and a 2-year warranty for only $849 US.

As a special introductory offer, Alizeti is offering a free Bluetooth module with every 300C purchase. The module allows riders to connect to their mobile devices to stream data to a free mobile app, music (to the sound system) and the ability to perform over-the-air software updates, as they become available.

SOURCE Alizeti

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