MONTREAL, June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - Cogilex R&D Inc., a Canadian technology innovation company, is proud to announce that its information extraction technology, licensed to Zoominfo (NASDAQ: ZI), contributed to the largest IPO of 2020. Cogilex's patented proprietary technology is a key component used by Zoominfo to extract business intelligence information. The main technique which consists of parsing text into a forest of trees (capturing all ambiguities instead of resolving them in individual trees) then using this forest as a semantic search space for a domain ontology gives incredible precision, which is necessary for the class of problems encountered by Zoominfo. This technology represents a great achievement in the development of NLP solutions to real-world problems.

This technology is the result of the lifetime work of Cogilex's Chief Scientist, Mr. Michel Decary, a computational linguist and AI expert with a long distinguished career. Mr. Decary co-founded Zoominfo and served as its Chief Scientist from its creation in 2000 until 2009, helping Zoominfo leverage the technology that it licensed from Cogilex. Michel Decary is a pioneer in the Canadian software industry. After obtaining his M.Sc. in computer science from University of Montreal, he co-founded Machina Sapiens, one of the first AI companies in Canada where he developed innovative Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology based on dependency syntax, long before it became a standard approach in NLP. He was a consultant for the Canadian Army on AI technology and a lecturer at McGill University. In 1998, Mr. Decary founded Cogilex R&D Inc. where he created innovative NLP technology for parsing and extraction which was licensed to many industrial partners, including a license to HP Worldwide.

Cogilex wishes to acknowledge the contribution from the Canadian federal and Quebec provincial tax credits for R&D programs, which helped keep this technology in Canadian hands. Cogilex has applied this extraction technology to healthcare and it is currently extending its scope to other domains by offering licenses and assistance to new industrial partners.

SOURCE Cogilex R&D inc

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