East Idaho man critically injured in workplace accident

The man, reportedly an employee at the facility, was transported to Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello in critical condition. The Bingham County Sheriff’s Office said a ground ambulance was dispatched to Wada Farms at approximately 12:30 p.m.

Due to the severity of his injuries, the man was then transported by air ambulance to a hospital in Utah.

A worker escaped serious injury Monday during an industrial accident near the Soda Springs Monsanto plant.

The incident occurred around 5 p.m. when Skyler Kunz, an equipment operator for the Monsanto plant, got stuck in an ore hopper outside the plant on Highway 34.

It took emergency responders over four hours to extricate Kunz. After being freed from the ore, he was airlifted via emergency helicopter to Portneuf Medical Center, where he was treated and released.

Multiple fire and ambulance units responded to the accident that left Kunz buried up to his waist in ore. The emergency helicopter landed at the scene to transport him.

Monsanto said Kunz was “alert” and had “feeling in all extremities” when loaded onto the air ambulance.

Further details on how the accident occurred have not yet been released.