A 23-year-old Smithfield, Utah, man remains in jail and has been charged in the Smithfield Justice Court after contacting the FBI recently with what was construed as a threat against schools.

According to Smithfield Police Chief Travis Allen, Christofer Knowlton reportedly utilized an online FBI tipline on May 6 to send a message indicating he was in need of help and if he did not receive the help he might be considered a candidate for a school shooting.

Knowlton remains in custody in the Cache County Jail with bail set at $30,000. He will be arraigned on a class B misdemeanor charge of making threats of violence on May 21 in Smithfield.

The Cache County School District, which first notified parents on May 8, said Knowlton did not make threats toward a specific school or individual, and on the day of his arrest, police did not find firearms in the home.

Since that time, police say they have completed a number of search warrants and found no additional evidence of planned violence or collaboration with other individuals to commit violence.

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