Sulfuric acid

A police vehicle at the intersection of Gould and North Main streets in Pocatello near one of the many dangerous sulfuric acid spills reported in the city on Sept. 27.

POCATELLO - On Sept. 27, Brent Carlson of Pocatello, was transporting 1,060 pounds of 93%-98% sulfuric acid.

He noticed the tank holding the acid was leaking as he traveled near Fort Hall Mine Road and US 91 in Bannock County. Carlson continued his trip to 746 McKinley Avenue in Pocatello where he tried to stop the leak.

Approximately 60 gallons of the acid leaked onto city and county roadways.

Numerous Local and State agencies became involved in the mitigation and clean-up of the hazardous material.

The Idaho State Police assumed the role of the primary investigating agency in the incident. As a result of the investigation, Carlson was cited for allowing the release of the hazardous material in violation of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Standard 173.24(b)(1).