Authorities are allowing a lightning-caused East Idaho wildfire to continue to burn.

The seven-acre wildfire was discovered July 30 near the Grays Lake Wildlife Refuge Headquarters, 30 miles northeast of Soda Springs.

The fire is burning on Forest Service land away from private property.

Authorities said if the fire starts burning toward private property, highways or power lines, they will bring in firefighters to extinguish it.

Authorities warn smoke from the fire will likely be visible until precipitation extinguishes the flames.

The public is being warned to stay away from the fire.

“Forest Service lands often have vegetation and wildlife habitat that require fire to remain healthy and functioning,” the Forest Service stated. “To diminish the fire deficit and thereby mitigate fire risk, the Forest Service and partners are using this fire management strategy that protects values from harm, but also reduces future wildfire risk from excessive fuel accumulation. Fire officials will continue to monitor weather and fuel conditions daily to predict the fire’s spread.”