A recent Soda Springs Police Department investigation into a note listing Tigert Middle School students and ways they could die found the threat to be unfounded.

SODA SPRINGS — A Soda Springs Police Department investigation this past weekend into a threatening note that listed students’ names and possible ways those students could die found the threat to be unfounded, police said.

An officer with the department, who declined to disclose his name, said he did not know specifics about the note, its author or its discovery. Though, he confirmed that police investigated the list and found “nobody is in danger.”

Soda Springs Joint School District 150 officials wrote in a message to Tigert Middle School parents after the investigation on Monday that the police department and school district looked into the list after it was reported.

“Your students are safe, and the situation has been handled. School policy has been followed,” the message to families read.

No one from the school district could be reached for comment on Tuesday, and a request for comment from Tigert Middle School Principal Debra Daniels was not returned.

This weekend’s incident is among several in recent months that have prompted a police response to the Soda Springs middle school.

Tigert Middle was locked down in November for reports of a threat made by a student, which police also determined to be unfounded.

Weeks prior to that on two separate occasions, police responded to the school for a student arrest and then for a student injury on the playground, according to the school district’s superintendent Scott Muir.