A snowboarder and skier survived the same avalanche in the Warm Springs Creek drainage near Ketchum on Jan. 20, 2019.

SUN VALLEY — A skier and snowboarder were able to free themselves after being caught in an avalanche they triggered Sunday on Bald Mountain, authorities said.

The avalanche in the Warm Springs Creek drainage was triggered by the two in the sidecountry or out of bounds terrain, the Sawtooth Avalanche Center said in a statement.

The two were carried 100 to 150 yards before being buried by the avalanche, the skier fully under the snow for about 25 minutes and the snowboarder with his head and torso beneath the snow, the center said.

Both were able to free themselves from the snow and neither was seriously injured.

The avalanche was at least 100 feet wide at about 7,800 feet in elevation.

The Sawtooth Avalanche Center says there is considerable dangerous avalanche conditions at upper and middle elevations as very weak snow struggles to beat the weight of snow from recent storms.