RIGBY — A Rigby couple has been arrested after allegedly making pornographic photos of a 4-year-old girl, according to the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office.

Joseph Lavern Harris, 30, and Elizabeth Dawn Evans, 27, were arrested March 8 after a detective conducted a search warrant on three phones in their possession.

Investigators discovered a picture depicting the child performing a sex act on Harris, according to the sheriff’s office.

Investigators also discovered that Evans had sent a nude photo of herself and Harris to an older woman asking her to join the couple and the victim for sex.

Detectives became aware of the sex abuse after the child was brought to the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center in Idaho Falls on Feb. 26.

Evans admitted that she asked the older woman to join the couple. She said she was high, and after sobering up, Evans told Harris she wouldn’t do that.

Evans confirmed it was Harris in the photo with the victim and that she was the one holding the camera.

Investigators found a list at Harris’ home listing women he wanted to have sex with. The victim was No. 5 on the list.

Harris said the list and the request to the older woman were made while he and Evans were high. Harris denied it was him in the photo with the victim. When the detective said Evans had identified him, Harris said he could tell it was him based on his tattoo seen in the photo. He said he could not remember the incident.

Harris told the detective he wants to be with the 4-year-old victim when she is old enough.

No-contact orders have been issued between both defendants and the victim. Harris’ bond was set at $250,000. Evans’ was set at $150,000.

Harris has been charged with lewd conduct with a minor under 16 (punishable with up to life in prison and a $50,000 fine), sexual exploitation of a child by enticing/permitting to engage or be used for sexual material (up to 30 years, $50,000), and sexual exploitation of a child by willfully possessing or accessing sexually exploitative material (up to 10 years, $10,000).

Evans has been charged with aiding, abetting or encouraging lewd conduct (up to life in prison), and sexual exploitation of a child by enticing/permitting to engage or be used for sexual material (up to 30 years, $50,000).

Both defendants have preliminary hearings scheduled for 9 a.m. March 22 at Jefferson County Courthouse.