POCATELLO — Some of the world’s leading experts in Sasquatch research will speak at a two-day event in Pocatello next week.

Sasquatch Prints in the Park is set to take place Sept. 20-21 at Upper Ross Park.

The event will feature Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Idaho State University professor of physical anthropology and author of the book “Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science,” as well as Cliff Barackman, who was on Animal Planet’s hit show “Finding Bigfoot” and is currently the co-owner and curator of the North American Bigfoot Center.

“They speak all over the country on the subject of Sasquatch,” said Brandon Tennant, adding that it’s a subject that’s been drawing a lot of attention in recent years. “It’s stronger now than it ever has been as far as fan-based interest. It’s a cultural phenomenon.”

Tennant is the owner of sasquatchprints.com, which is putting on the event in association with Ritcher Productions.

Sasquatch Prints in the Park will take place from 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. each day. Artists and vendors will be located near the Fort Hall Replica and Frontier Town at the park, and guest presentations will take place at the Bannock County Historical Museum. Entry fees apply.

Tennant said Meldrum and Barackman will each give two separate and unique presentations during the event.

Meldrum, who recently wrote a chapter on Sasquatch for a scholarly book on bear biology that will be published soon, says some people think Bigfoot sightings are actually bear sightings, and they subsequently dismiss encounters. He plans to talk about his belief that they are two distinct entities and discuss evidence that supports the idea that Sasquatch are hominoids, not bears.

In addition to the $6 daily entry fee, it costs $15 for each of Meldrum’s and Barackman’s presentations. Seating is limited, but tickets and bundle deals are still available at sasquatchprints.com.

The upcoming event will also feature two free presentations by Becky Cook, author of “Bigfoot Lives in Idaho,” and Bernie Kieth, who dabbles in special effects. The latter has done a lot of research on the controversial 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film of a creature, which some believe to be Bigfoot, and Hollywood’s capabilities at that time.

Meldrum said the upcoming event will not only include some good speakers, but educational displays, including skulls, footprints and a sample of a possible Sasquatch hair.

“I think it’s going to be great,” he said, adding that he hopes those who attend will gain a better appreciation of the natural world around them and the mysterious creature that may exist in the wild.

Tennant hopes many people will attend the upcoming event.

“It’s a fun way to end the summer,” he said.

Tennant also noted that they will have a VIP dinner on Thursday evening for those who want to meet Meldrum and Barackman. Anyone interested can contact him at 208-251-2005 for more information.