Gary Holdaway

Gary Holdaway

IDAHO FALLS — On November 20, at approximately 2:30 p.m., Idaho Falls Police Dispatch received a report that a robbery had just occurred at the Walgreens on the corner of 17th Street and Holmes Ave. The suspect was arrested and taken into custody at approximately 2:45 p.m.

According to the caller and witnesses, a man entered the store and approached the pharmacy counter where he demanded prescription narcotics and threatened to kill the pharmacy employee and others in the store. The suspect was given items and then fled from the store.

The male left the store and fled in a red Chevrolet Blazer. Callers were able to provide Police Dispatch with detailed descriptions of the suspect vehicle including a license plate and a direction of travel. Idaho Falls Police Officers responded to the Walgreens, and the area around the store to search for the suspect vehicle.

An Idaho Falls Police Officer located the suspect vehicle in the area of 5th Street and S Boulevard at approximately 2:33 p.m. A short vehicle pursuit began as the suspect attempted to flee in his vehicle at a high rate of speed from the Officer. Officers briefly lost sight of the suspect vehicle and continued to search for the vehicle in the area where it was last seen.

Idaho Falls Police Dispatch received a call at 2:36 p.m. from a witness who reported that the suspect vehicle had crashed into a fence and a power pole in the alleyway off of Pine Street between South Water and South Eastern Avenue. Officers arrived on scene as the suspect was fleeing away from the vehicle. The suspect reportedly forced his way into a residence pushing the resident outside and barricading himself inside.

Officers began surrounding the residence, when the suspect exited and engaged with Officers. An Idaho State Trooper assisting with the apprehension attempted to deploy a Taser device to stop the suspect, however the Taser was unsuccessful.

The suspect charged an Idaho Falls Police Officer who engaged in a physical altercation with the suspect. The suspect was successfully taken into custody following the altercation. The Idaho Falls Police Officer primarily involved in the struggle was injured and was transported to an area hospital via Idaho Falls Ambulance. The Officer’s injuries are significant but not life threatening.

The suspect male was transported to an area hospital to be evaluated for a jail clearance due to injuries sustained in the vehicle crash and reporting to Officers that he had ingested a significant amount of narcotics. Medical staff at the hospital cleared the suspect to be taken to the Bonneville County Jail.

The suspect has been identified as Gary Holdaway, a 51-year-old area resident. Holdway is currently being booked into the Bonneville County Jail for the following offenses:


Felony Eluding

Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Resisting and Obstructing

Petit Theft

This investigation is ongoing and additional offenses may be added.

The suspect was wearing a knife sheath when he was taken into custody. A knife was located inside the suspect’s vehicle. The substances Holdaway obtained in the robbery were successfully recovered from the vehicle, the residence and Holdaway’s person.

The Idaho Falls Police Department would like to commend Walgreens employees and patrons for their ability to keep a level head and provide dispatch with accurate and clear descriptions of the suspect and suspect vehicle. IFPD would also like to thank the Idaho State Police and the Idaho Bureau of Land Management, and other agencies whose officers were in the area at the time and assisted with the apprehension, investigation, and securing the scene.