Oregon spotted frog

An Oregon spotted frog is pictured in the Samish River Preserve in Whatcom County.

This story originally appeared on KTVB.com.

BOISE — Police have identified several young men involved in a bizarre case reported on the Boise Bench recently.

According to Boise Police spokeswoman Haley Williams, the incident happened on May 18 at Vista Avenue and Canal Street.

The victim reported that people in a car used a potato gun-type device to shoot two frogs at him, hitting him with the amphibians.

Police also told KTVB at first that a potato gun was involved, but Williams said later that further investigation revealed that the frogs were thrown, not shot out of a gun.

Williams said it is not clear whether the frogs were already dead when the incident happened, or if they died in the process.

Police launched an investigation and were able to identify the people involved. No charges have been filed, and the names of the suspects — described as “young adults” — have not been released.

Williams said the alleged frog-throwers did not know the man they launched the frogs at. The suspects could face potential charges of battery and animal abuse.

KTVB has reached out to a woman who identified herself as the victim’s girlfriend for comment.