Charles D. Helmick

Charles D. Helmick

On May 25th, 2017 at approximately 11:00 AM, an investigation by the Bear River Drug Task Force (B.R.D.T.F.) culminated in the execution of a search warrant within the City of Aberdeen.

The South East Idaho Special Tactics and Response Team (S.T.A.R.) assisted with securing the residence to enable investigators to search the premises. Discovered in the search was a considerable amount of controlled substances, United States currency, paraphernalia, and a firearm.

The suspect in this investigation was not home at the time the search warrant was served. The suspect in this case is 59-year-old Charles D. Helmick, previously of Aberdeen, Idaho. Contact your local law enforcement if you know his location. He is aware he is wanted by law enforcement and caution should be used as he is most likely armed.

A subsequent search of the suspect's vehicle within the City of Pocatello, resulted in the seizure of approximately 2.5 pounds of methamphetamine and other illegal substances. On behalf of the citizens of the City of Aberdeen, the Aberdeen Police Department would like to thank their fellow members of the Bear River Drug Task Force and all the members of the the South East Idaho Special Tactics and Response Team for their assistance.

In addition, the assistance in this investigation provided by members of the Power County Sheriff's Office, the Bingham County Sheriff's Office, the Blackfoot Police Department, Region 5 Idaho State Police Detectives, and the Pocatello Police Department was essential and also appreciated.