Vandalism at Edson Fichter Pond

Local police are investigating the report of $3,000 worth of vandalism damage that occurred at the Edson Fichter Pond sometime last week. Anyone with information about the incident is encouraged to contact Pocatello police at 208-264-6100.

POCATELLO — Local police are asking for the public’s help in identifying individuals suspected of vandalizing the Edson Fichter Pond and nature area sometime last week.

An estimated $3,000 worth of damage from spray painted pathways, wooden decks and Portneuf Greenway signs as well as a broken fence was reported to Pocatello police the morning of July 28, police said.

The person who reported the vandalism suspects it occurred during the evening or night hours on July 27.

Numerous red hearts and smiley faces were spray painted onto wooden decks and asphalt walkways, a white vinyl fence was broken and the Portneuf Greenway sign marking the Beverly Trail had the word “Hills” spray painted on it. The spray paint was red and pink in color.

The Southeast Region of the Idaho Fish and Game Department said this is the third time in four months the popular recreation area has been hit with spray paint — impacting structures like the fishing pier and trail signs, walking trails, decorative landscape rocks, and even some vegetation.

Pocatello resident Kathy Amos says she saw the graffiti on Saturday morning while walking her dog and again reported what she saw.

“I was out at Edson Fichter the week before last for a fly-fishing class from Idaho State University and there was nothing out there then,” Amos said. “I saw the vandalism while walking my dog on Saturday morning and I’ll just say that I was very disappointed and disheartened.”

Amos continued, “I have lived in a couple different cities and not all of them incorporate these beautiful walking trails and green spaces. If we don’t take care of them they will fall by the wayside and that’s a sad situation because these parks are true treasures for the local community.”

Anyone with any information about about this or previous graffiti activity at the Edson Fichter Nature Area, they can contact Fish and Game Senior Conservation Officer Tyler Peterson at 208-251-4515 or Pocatello police at 208-234-6100. Callers can remain anonymous.