American Falls drug arrests Dec. 2020

Honorato Cardona-Gonzalez, top left, Angel Star Flores, top right, Eric Cardona Gonzalez, bottom left and Eddy Alejandro Gonzalez-Perez, bottom right.

AMERICAN FALLS — A five-week narcotics investigation involving multiple Southeast Idaho law enforcement agencies ended Wednesday with local police conducting a no-knock search warrant that resulted in the arrest of four American Falls residents, according to court records the Idaho State Journal obtained Thursday.

Angel Star Flores, 36, Honorato Cardona-Gonzalez, 34, Eddy Alejandro Gonzalez-Perez, 37, and Eric Cardona Gonzalez, 29, have each been charged with felony possession of methamphetamine and various other felony charges stemming from police allegedly locating firearms and narcotics within reach of small children during their search of two residences on the 300 block of Arthur Street in American Falls, police said.

The incident began to unfold in late October when an American Falls Police detective received information from a confidential informant that Flores, who is dating or married to Honorato Cardona-Gonzalez, was dealing large amounts of meth in American Falls, police said. The informant told police that Flores drives a white GMC Yukon Denali with black rims and that she supplied meth to a man with the nickname “Durango,” who drives a white utility truck with yellow lights on top, police said.

Around the first of November, police were able to identify “Durango” as Eddy Alejandro Gonzalez-Perez and began surveilling a home on the 300 block of Arthur Street, which was a known address for Honorato Cardona-Gonzalez and Eric Cardona Gonzalez, as well as an adjacent single-wide trailer located next door to the home that had the white utility truck with the yellow lights on top parked in the driveway, police said.

American Falls police detectives on Nov. 9 attended a narcotics intelligence meeting in Pocatello that also included detectives with the Pocatello and Chubbuck police departments, the Power and Bannock county sheriff’s offices, Idaho State Police and Drug Enforcement Administration, police said.

During that meeting, American Falls police detectives learned that Flores had been under investigation with multiple agencies including the DEA for suspected trafficking of meth, police said. Detectives with the Bingham County Sheriff’s Office and the Blackfoot Police Department also informed American Falls detectives that Flores was under investigation for suspected meth trafficking in their jurisdictions as well, police said.

From Nov. 10 until Nov. 16, American Falls detectives worked to compile evidence that would provide them with probable cause to conduct search warrants of the two residences on Arthur Street. This included detectives obtaining information from an automatic license plate reader installed in Bingham County, searching trash bins for both residences and locating various items of drug paraphernalia consistent with the use and distribution of meth and conducting an extensive background check on Flores that revealed she had no job or other known legal source of income, police said.

On Nov. 16, police obtained a warrant to install a tracking device on Flores’ white GMC Yukon Denali, which police attached to the vehicle on Nov. 17, according to police reports. Through observation of the vehicle and tracking device data, police learned Flores exclusively drove the vehicle while Honorato Cardona-Gonzalez rode in the passenger seat, police said.

The vehicle would make frequent short stops at parking lots, hotels and private residences in Pocatello, Aberdeen, Blackfoot, Power County, Fort Hall and Idaho Falls, police said.

A subsequent search of trash bins at both residences on Arthur Street conducted on Nov. 30 which revealed additional drug paraphernalia and documents that indicated Flores, Honorato Cardona-Gonzalez, Eric Cardona Gonzalez were living or frequenting the Arthur Street home, said police, adding that no items of interest were located in the trash bin for single-wide trailer.

Police conducted a no-knock search warrant for the home and adjacent single-wide trailer on Dec. 2, police said.

Inside the single-wide trailer, detectives located Eric Cardona Gonzalez and numerous small baggies with white residue that tested positive for meth, police said.

Inside of an RV camper parked in front of the single-wide trailer, police located Flores and Honorato Cardona-Gonzalez, police said. Detectives also located nearly 24 grams of meth, various drug paraphernalia, three digital scales, a large quantity of empty baggies, a bag with many pills suspected to be Oxycodone, a .380-caliber Ruger pistol previously reported stolen out of Chubbuck, a disassembled SKS-style .22-caliber rifle and two counterfeit $20 bills, police said.

Inside the home on Arthur Street, police located Eddy Alejandro Gonzalez-Perez and two children approximately the ages of 6 and 2, police said. Underneath a bathroom sink, detectives found two cloth bags that contained multiple meth pipes and small plastic bags with white powdery residue that tested positive for meth.

All suspects were subsequently arrested, charged and booked into the Power County Jail in American Falls where they remain incarcerated.

All four appeared in front of Sixth District Judge Paul Laggis for arraignment hearings Thursday, during which all defendants entered pleas of not guilty and were remanded back into custody with bonds being set. Flores bond was set at $30,000, Honorato Cardona-Gonzalez’s bond was set at $35,000, Eddy Alejandro Gonzalez-Perez’s bond was set at $25,000 and Eric Cardona Gonzalez’s bond was set at $20,000.

Flores faces charges of possession of meth with the intent to deliver, possession of Oxycodone with the intent to deliver, grand theft by possession of a stolen firearm and possession of forged bank notes, all felonies. She faces up to life in prison and up to $25,000 in fines if convicted of the possession of meth with the intent to deliver charge.

Honorato Cardona-Gonzalez faces charges of possession of meth with the intent to deliver, possession of Oxycodone with the intent to deliver and illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, all felonies. He faces up to life in prison and up to $25,000 in fines if convicted of the possession of meth with the intent to deliver charge.

Eddy Alejandro Gonzalez-Perez faces charges of possession of meth and two counts of injury to a child, all felonies. He faces up to 27 years in prison and up to $15,000 in fines if convicted of all the charges against him.

Eric Cardona Gonzalez was charged with one felony count of possession of a controlled substance. He faces up to seven years in prison and up to $15,000 in fines if convicted.

All four defendants are due back in court on Dec. 16 for hearings in which prosecutors will attempt to prove there is enough evidence against them to send their cases to trial.