Kady Nettik

Kady Nettik of Pocatello participated in a recent millionaire match-making event.

The timer started and Kady Nettik, of Pocatello, had 5 minutes to win over a millionaire, who organized a grandiose event in Salt Lake City where he aimed to meet his future bride.

The millionaire — whose June 7 Utah event was arranged by a dating service that caters to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, called The LDS Matchmaker — required participating bachelorettes from throughout the country to sign agreements not to divulge his identity.

The millionaire’s appeal spread far and wide on social media, after he placed advertisements on 10 billboards in the Salt Lake City area to promote his unconventional approach to finding a soulmate. He attracted more than 2,500 applications from singles.

The field was narrowed down to 20 young women who met his criteria: Nettik, a 24-year-old who is studying advertising at Idaho State University, was the only Idaho finalist.

The millionaire explained during a PowerPoint presentation to his would-be dates that he’s eager to start a family.

When they met face to face, the wealthy bachelor asked Nettik a series of rapid-fire questions about herself: It was clear to her, every girl answered roughly the same list of questions.

Ultimately, Nettik, who graduated from Century High School, withdrew her name from consideration, based on the wide age difference between herself and the bachelor.

“I didn’t really want to waste his time,” Nettik said, adding some of the other girls who continued on received offers to go on dates. “He was looking for a wife.”

Though she didn’t make a connection with the bachelor, Nettik believes she made several good friends from the experience. With so many like-minded women in the same room, Nettik said participants at every table seemed to hit it off. Some of the women at one table decided to become roommates, she said.

“The girls at my table, I kind of wish I still lived in Utah now because we made such good friends,” said Nettik, who moved to Idaho from the Beehive State when she was 7.

Each of the 20 women who were finalists was given a necklace as a gift. They were also each treated to a fancy four-course dinner. Nettik got to ride a limousine for the first time. She also won $100 during a trivia game, which covered the cost of the dress she bought for the event.

Nettik said she figured she had nothing to lose by submitting her application and taking a chance.

“If a guy put a dating advertisement on a billboard, he seemed pretty serious about having a relationship, and I figured guys are not serious anymore,” Nettik said.

It’s back to the dating drawing board for Nettik. She said her profile will remain in The LDS Matchmaker database, and she welcomes the opportunity to meet new people through Instagram at the handle Lovelykadylady.