POCATELLO — Pocatello officials say they are applying for grants that would help them improve the Cusick Creek trailhead and provide more access to the Portneuf River.

“We’ve seen the use of trails at places like Cusick Creek increase substantially and events like the Poky Portneuf Paddle showed us that residents want the Portneuf River to be floatable,” Hannah Sanger, Pocatello’s Science and Environment administrator, said in a news release. “These grants would help make sure that our trailheads and river access points are meeting the community’s needs and limiting erosion that makes its way into the Portneuf River.”

City officials say they are applying for a pair of grants through the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation. The first would help them make trailhead and erosion control improvements at the Cusick Creek trailhead.

“Proposed enhancements include enlarging the parking area and re-grading the surface to limit erosion, improving fencing, and adding interpretive signage about the historic water reservoir structures in the area,” according to the news release.

The second grant would allow them to create kayak and canoe access points on the Portneuf River near Sacajawea Park and the Abraszewski trailhead, officials said. If they receive the funding, they would be able to start the projects in late 2020 or 2021.

City officials are seeking public input for the grant applications. Those who would like to comment or get involved in the efforts can contact Sanger at (208) 234-6518 or hsanger@pocatello.us.