POCATELLO — A Pocatello man was seriously injured Saturday when the e-cigarette he was using exploded in his mouth.

After spending time in the Intensive Care Unit at Portneuf Medical Center, Andrew Hall shared his story, along with graphic photos of his injuries, on Facebook Sunday.

Officials with PMC confirmed he was discharged from the hospital on Monday.

Hall, a 30-year-old car salesman and the father of three, said he lost several teeth and suffered second-degree burns in the blast. The bathroom where the incident occurred was also heavily damaged by the explosion.

Hall stated via Facebook, “I’ve lost at least seven teeth, second degree burns to face and neck and have been pulling chunks of plastic, teeth and foreign objects from mouth, throat and lips.”

His story was picked up by the national and international media, including the New York Post and Yahoo News, as well media outlets in the United Kingdom, Ireland and India. But not everyone has been sympathetic about Andrew’s accident or the injuries he sustained, and many readers asserted that the incident was caused by user error.

But Hall, who has been vaping for about one year, said he was using the device properly.

“I did not do anything I wasn’t supposed to, battery was in right, always had the shop put it together when I first bought it and I add things and maintain it the right way while taking their advice, but it exploded in my face,” Hall stated in a Facebook post published on Sunday.

Hall could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

But in a follow-up Facebook post, he said he was grateful for all the well wishes, saying “Despite the negativity as well that obviously comes with the territory, I want to thank everyone again for the support and kind words. A lot of you have shared with me similar accidents and I hope you and your loved ones recover soon as well and don’t have to experience anything like that again.”

He also said he plans to quit vaping.