Firefighters save dog

Pocatello firefighter Stan Tharp with the small dog that he and other firefighters rescued from a fire at the Collegiate Inn Apartments on South Fourth Avenue on Saturday afternoon.

POCATELLO — Firefighters saved a dog while extinguishing a fire at an apartment complex near Idaho State University on Saturday afternoon.

The fire at the Collegiate Inn Apartments in the 800 block of South Fourth Avenue was reported by residents there around 3:45 p.m.

There were no injuries.

The three-story apartment complex was evacuated because of the fire but Pocatello firefighters said most of the complex's residents will be allowed to return to their apartments by Saturday night. 

Smoke from the fire was engulfing the apartment complex when firefighters arrived and it took them several minutes to locate the apartment that was on fire.

Once firefighters did locate the fire they quickly extinguished the flames.

The small dog that was rescued was in one of the apartments that was filling with smoke from the fire. The dog's owner was not home and the canine's barking could be heard from outside the apartment complex when firefighters arrived.

Firefighters entered the apartment and rescued the dog from the smoke. 

Pocatello Fire Department officials said the first-floor apartment where the fire ignited suffered fire damage and at least two other apartments in the complex suffered smoke damage. The people who reside in those apartments will have to find new places to live until the damage can be repaired, Fire Department officials said.

The Fire Department said the cause of the fire remains under investigation and it might take a couple of days for fire investigators to pinpoint exactly what ignited the blaze.

South Fourth Avenue from East Carter Street to East Terry Street was temporarily shut down because of the fire.