Plane lands on Highway 34

The plane that landed on Highway 34 between Soda Springs and Wayan on Saturday afternoon pictured shortly after emergency responders arrived on the scene.

There were no injuries on Saturday afternoon when the pilot of a single-engine plane had to make an emergency landing on a local highway after the aircraft lost all of its fuel.

The incident occurred around 12:45 p.m. on Highway 34 between Soda Springs and Wayan.

After the pilot, 41-year-old Kyle Miller of Marquette, Michigan, realized that a mechanical malfunction on his 1965 Cessna 182H caused the aircraft to jettison all of its fuel, he started looking for a safe place to land, authorities said.

Highway 34 presented itself and Miller was able to safely touch down on the road without hitting any of the vehicles traveling on the thoroughfare. There was one passenger on Miller’s Cessna but authorities haven’t released that person’s name.

Plane emergency landing

The plane that made an emergency landing on Highway 34 between Soda Springs and Wayan on Saturday afternoon.

Miller and his passenger were flying from the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness Area to Laramie, Wyoming, when the fuel mishap occurred and the plane made its emergency landing.

The Caribou County Sheriff’s Office received calls from the public that the plane had landed on Highway 34 and sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene to find Miller’s Cessna in the middle of the road.

After the plane was refueled and repaired along the roadside, the aircraft piloted by Miller with his passenger aboard took off from Highway 34 and continued to Laramie.

The Caribou County Sheriff’s Office said Highway 34 was shut down because of the plane’s emergency landing until the aircraft departed.

The incident has been reported to the Federal Aviation Administration for further investigation.