Stephen and Shelby Bolten

Stephen and Shelby Bolten pose for a photo outside the Pine Ridge 11 theater in Chubbuck recently after seeing a movie. The theater reopened Aug. 28 after an extended closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

CHUBBUCK — The Pine Ridge 11 theater reopened in Chubbuck on Aug. 28 after having been closed since March so the company could respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After a successful reopening of operations at more than 100 locations nationwide, AMC said in a news release that it expects to have more than 400 locations around the country open leading to the release of the Warner Bros. movie "Tenet" on Sept. 3.

Stephen Bolten of Chubbuck, who was going into the Pine Ridge theater on Sunday, said he was looking forward to it.

"I'm excited," he said. "It's nice to do something different."

Bolten, who works from home, said that aside from work he's been playing video games, watching TV at home and going to the gym.

"So it's nice to get out," he said.

He and Shelby Bolten, who are both 25, were going to see "The New Mutants."

"We're pretty excited about that one," he said.

Shelby said they've also previously gone to the Reel Theatre in Pocatello to help support the venue.

Shelby says it's fun to go to the Pine Ridge 11 again, too. 

"It felt nice to be normal again, kind of," Shelby said. "And I know they're taking enough precautions that I felt safe enough to come."

Meanwhile, Jenny Harkin of Pocatello, who's new to the area, watched an older movie showing at the Pine Ridge 11. The film enthusiast said it was fun.

"It's just nice to do something you used to get to do all the time," Harkin said.

AMC said in a news release that it has made extensive changes to greatly improve safety at its theaters.

Its news release said that the AMC Safe & Clean program was developed under close cooperation with public health and safety experts and will be stringently enforced at all AMC locations.

A coming second wave of reopenings is part of a phased plan to reopen AMC in the United States. AMC currently expects to open about two-thirds of its more than 600 U.S. theater locations in time for the Sept. 3 release of "Tenet."

The remainder of AMC’s U.S. theaters will open only after authorized to do so by state and local officials, according to an AMC news release.

But guests at all open AMC locations can still enjoy new titles such as "The New Mutants," "Unhinged, "Words on Bathroom Walls" and "The Personal History of David Copperfield."

Other coming new movies in September include include "Broken Hearts Gallery," "Infidel" and the family themed comedy called "The War With Grandpa."

Additionally, a new selection of bring-back titles will be available. These include "Inception," "Jurassic Park," "Raiders of the Lost Ark," "Spider-Man: Homecoming" and "Far From Home."

And all AMC Stubs members will earn double points on all ticket and food and drink purchases through the end of October, according to AMC's news release.

Adam Aron, CEO and President of AMC Theatres, commented: “We are grateful for the positive feedback we have been receiving about our guests’ desire to see movies on the big screen at AMC, and about our extensive AMC Safe & Clean policies and procedures," he said.

He said their safety efforts include social distancing through limiting ticket sales and automatic seat blocking, seamless contactless ticketing, greatly enhanced cleaning procedures, the availability of both hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes throughout AMC theaters, and a mandatory mask policy for all guests and crew members.

In addition, AMC's news release says the company has invested millions for high-tech solutions to sanitization and disinfection. These include electrostatic sprayers, HEPA vacuums and MERV 13 air filters.

The news release says AMC has been in constant dialogue with top scientists and experts in public health and cleaning about how best to reopen its theaters in ways that will be responsible and welcoming.

For title and showtime information, moviegoers should check their theater’s webpage on