Paulette Jordan

Paulette Jordan

BOISE — U.S. Senate nominee Paulette Jordan raised more money for her campaign in the 3rd quarter than incumbent Senator Jim Risch.

According to newly filed FEC reports, Jordan raised nearly $562,000 in the 3rd quarter. Risch raised just more than $537,000.

In addition, many more supporters are fueling Jordan’s run: More than 28,000 donors have given to her campaign, compared to roughly 500 donors for Risch -- a significant disparity for a senator who has held office for more than half a century and longer than his challenger has been alive. It’s clear Idahoans want to turn the page on the incumbent and his lack of leadership.

In a statement, Jordan said:

“It’s humbling to have so many engaged Idahoans fueling our race to take back our state from entrenched interests. I’m also proud to have so many independents and Republicans supporting me. Idahoans are fed up with hyper partisan politicians who can’t get anything done — can’t even pass legislation to fix the public health and economic crises we’re facing — and that’s why our campaign outraised his this quarter, and why we’ve had roughly 56 times more grassroots supporters donate to us than he has had.”