Darin "D'Beau" Black skateboard competition

Darin "D'Beau" Black holds one of three of the limited edition skateboards he intends to give away to the first-place finishers in the skateboard competition at the Ross Park skate park in Pocatello on Saturday.

POCATELLO — The top finishers in a skateboard competition in Pocatello on Saturday have a chance to take home a board package modeled after a Louis Vuitton Supreme board that some are selling online for no less than six figures.

The limited-edition board that Darin “D’Beau” Black, owner of Deckadance Board Shoppe on West Center Street in Pocatello, hand built is just one of many prizes that is up for grabs at the annual Southeast Idaho Skatepark Association’s skate competition at the Ross Park skate park from noon to 3 p.m Saturday.

“I have yet to see any competitions where the first-place finishers take home a complete board with top-of-the-line components,” Black said. “All of our first-prize winners will take home the complete board and the first losers, or second and third place finishers, will have a chance to win decks, grip tape, wheels and other goods.”

The primary purpose for hosting the skateboard competition is to provide youth in the Gate City area with an opportunity to showcase a skill they have likely spent hours upon hours honing, said Black, adding that he wants to use the event as a means of engagement.

“I want to get kids stoked into skateboarding and keep them stoked,” Black said. “Skateboarding has become a huge rite of passage for so many young kids, and as the sport continues to get more acceptance in communities, more and more kids are picking up a skateboard as that first act of independence or self-identity.”

Furthermore, the competition will serve as the primary fundraiser for the Southeast Idaho Skatepark Association, a local nonprofit that has the primary mission of bringing state-of-the-art skate parks to the region.

“The current skate park in Pocatello has provided tons of people with years of enjoyment, but it’s aging. Over the years, that park is no longer in the greatest shape,” said Southeast Idaho Skatepark Association President Dave Van Etten. “We intend to use all future proceeds to get a new, concrete skate park design plan so that we can try to secure grants from larger associations like the Tony Hawk Foundation.”

Black added, “A state-of-the-art skate park does more than just provide a great place for kids to skate. Great skate parks are an economic driver, bringing larger competitions with more people who rent hotel rooms, gas up their vans and buy from local grocery stores.”

To compete on Saturday, riders are asked to register at Ross Park skate park between 10 a.m. and noon, with the competition starting immediately after registration closes. The cost to compete is $10 per rider.

The competition features three divisions, ages 13 and under, ages 14 to 17 and those that are age 18 and older. In addition to prizes for riders, the event will feature multiple sticker giveaways and a raffle with various skateboard components as the prizes, which any event attendees can purchase. There is no cost to watch the event and Black encourages all competitors to invite their friends and family to come out to offer their support.

The competition will allow riders to take advantage of the entire course and is structured in a jam style with various heats, Black said. Depending on the amount of riders, each heat will feature two or three riders openly skating throughout the park as four or five judges grade the participants on consistency, trick selection, originality, style, speed and difficulty.

The winners of each heat will then have a solo skate with 90 seconds to prove to the judges that their skillset reigns supreme. A free skate for all participants will separate each heat, Black added.

“This is an opportunity to bring kids together from all walks of life, schools and different parts of the city,” Black said. “We want to give everyone who skates in the community an opportunity to share it with their friends, family and the community.”