Altercation in Pocatello

This was the scene on West Center Street in Pocatello on Sept. 16 as police responded to an assault incident that left two victims beaten and two of the apparent attackers with stab wounds. 

POCATELLO — More than seven days have passed since four people allegedly attacked a couple walking home after a night out in Pocatello.

Despite the female victim stabbing two of the four attackers with a 5-inch self-defense knife, the assault continued until a bystander fired shots, according to security camera footage from a West Center Street business reviewed by the Idaho State Journal last week.

As of Monday, no charges have been filed with the Bannock County Prosecutor’s Office surrounding the Sep. 16 incident. And the male and female victims in the case are beginning to question when — or if — the investigation will reach its conclusion.

“So far, we haven’t heard anything from anybody from the police station,” said the male victim, who spoke to the Journal on the condition of anonymity because he is concerned that he might be attacked again by the four men. “Somebody told us that they saw the people who attacked us driving around our building in a black SUV. So the fact that they are out looking for us is quite unsettling.”

The male victim said he was given a contact number to reach a victim’s witness coordinator, which he has called several times and received no response. Aside from bringing the detective working the case additional evidence — including the blood-stained pants the female victim was wearing the night of the attack — the male victim has had no contact with the Pocatello Police Department involving the incident.

Sgt. Nathan Diekemper on Monday said the detective’s division has no new information surrounding the incident but did confirm the investigation into the matter is ongoing.

“We are compiling the reports and will send them to the prosecutor so that they can review them and make a decision regarding who will be charged,” Diekemper said during a Monday phone interview. “To our knowledge we have talked to or made an attempt to speak with each person involved in this disturbance.”

Diekemper said video evidence of the incident will also be submitted to the prosecutor’s office in addition to the final police reports. He expects that the detective in charge of the case will submit the information to the prosecutor’s office within the next week.

The female victim and her boyfriend were interviewed by police after the disturbance before being driven by a private vehicle to Portneuf Medical Center.

She was treated and released for a black eye and a severely bruised wrist that is now in a brace. Her boyfriend — the male victim — was treated and released for a dislocated shoulder and bruises around his neck.

The male victim said that he is still recovering from his injuries and that every time he tweaks his shoulder a certain direction he gets sharp pains in his back. Swelling on the female victim’s wrist has subsided but she still has considerable bruising around her eye.

The original incident occurred around 3 a.m. on Sept. 16. The male and female victim were standing with an unidentified third person in an alleyway in the 300 block of West Center Street when four people exited a vehicle and began attacking them.

During the struggle the female victim said she stabbed two of the four attackers. But the altercation continued until the unidentified third person fired two shots in the direction of two of the attackers.

Diekemper said that typically with felony offenses, the Bannock County Prosecutor’s Office establishes a victim’s witness coordinator to interact with and disseminate any information to victims, as opposed to the witness coordinator assigned by the police department for misdemeanor charges.

“On the face of it, this incident consists of felony offenses,” Diekemper said. “But ultimately that’s up to the prosecuting office to decide.”

However, Diekemper added that he encourages any victim or witness in the case with additional information or those involved in the matter that are seeking any updates to call the Pocatello Police non-emergency line and ask for the detective’s division.

The victims said they simply want their lives to return to normal, back before they were attacked. Since the attack, both the male and female victims have refrained from going out and they say they feel forced to carry knives and a Taser for their personal protection.

Also, the male victim said that once charges have been filed in the case and they feel safe to go out again, they will enroll in Brazilian jiu-jitsu self-defense classes.

“We had our landlords change the name on the tenant boards at our apartment until we get it figured out and tomorrow I plan on going to the courthouse to see where they’re at with it,” the male victim said. “I still have my eyes and ears out for them, we just hope it gets taken care of soon.”