A new Idaho Central Credit Union branch opened on Monday in Pocatello.

The new branch at 515 E. Benton St., directly across from ICCU’s former location, features updated energy and security systems, three drive-thru lanes, a remote drive-thru, fresh new signage and tall windows and ceilings.

The building’s interior design pays homage to Idaho State University. Through a partnership with ISU, the credit union made Bengal pride a focus throughout the branch with ISU imagery and its logo pasted on the walls.

The full-service location also has multiple private offices for lending and business services, six teller stations, four financial service stations and a large lobby, where members can use a kiosk to browse accounts online and learn about new banking tools.

While the building is new, the location isn’t exactly entirely new to the company. The spot on E. Benton Street has come full circle, having previously belonged to ICCU in 1976 before being closed and sold in 1997.

The location also once housed a Rite Aid drug store and later became a Portneuf Medical Center facility, though most recently it sat vacant for the past six years.

The project to construct the new building started in March of 2021. Laura Smith, ICCU’s vice president of community development, said it was important for ICCU to move its branch to address its growing membership and to fulfill a need for more modern and environment friendly facilities.

“With an enhanced HVAC system, energy efficient windows, lighting controls, and LED lighting, this branch is one of the most energy-efficient branches ICCU has ever built,” Smith wrote in a news release Monday, adding that the building and all of its features show “ICCU’s dedication to servicing the needs of the students and employees of ISU as well as local residents.”

The branch’s community focus is further demonstrated by its lot design, which promises to offer “an optimal experience for all members using the drive-thru, regardless of the direction they are entering the branch from.”

The lot will also be partially designated as parking for Fifth Street Bagelry, a restaurant that is positioned directly adjacent to the new ICCU branch.

“These five parking spots allow better access to this local restaurant, which ICCU believes benefits the community overall,” Smith said.

The previous branch location across the street will be sold. Smith said on Monday she did not have any information to share about potential buyers.