POCATELLO — Idaho State University called in the Pocatello Fire Department Hazardous Materials Team Monday afternoon to evaluate a white powdery substance found in an envelope delivered to its mail room, officials said.

The fire department reported at 6:15 p.m. it has identified the substance that was delivered to the university’s Pond Student Union Building, and it poses no safety hazard. The department has not divulged what the substance was, however.

Police, fire and hazardous material units responded shortly after the discovery was made. The bottom floor of the Pond Student Union near the mail room was evacuated and cordoned off to the public while emergency personnel worked to identify the substance, which was first reported to police at about 1:30 p.m.

The non-hazardous substance and the envelope it came in have been sent to the Pocatello Police Department for further investigation.

Authorities told the Journal on Monday evening that the investigation was intended to ensure that the substance posed no risks to public safety.

Now that the substance has been deemed non-hazardous, police officers said they intend to find out who sent the envelope so that they can file criminal charges.

ISU issued a statement about the substance shortly after 2 p.m., ordering people to stay away from the building until further notice.

Stuart Summers, ISU spokesman, said the areas previously cordoned off for the investigation inside the Pond Student Union have since been reopened to the public.