Falls View Cemetery

The Falls View Cemetery in American Falls is having a problem with people stealing items from graves.

AMERICAN FALLS — Power County sheriff’s officials say memorial items are disappearing from a local cemetery.

“Be aware,” the sheriff’s office posted on Facebook. “There have been several thefts from the graves at Falls View Cemetery.”

Sheriff Jim Jeffries said they received a report on Tuesday about people stealing flowers and a vase from graves, and, he says, it’s been an ongoing issue. In fact, decorations on his own family’s graves have been broken or stolen in the past.

“A lot of grave sites have real ornate decorations on them. People put a lot of thought into expressing love to their decedent,” Jeffries said.

And taking those items is not only upsetting to those people, but it’s also a crime.

“In my mind, I can’t get why people would steal a decedent’s flowers,” Jeffries said. “It’s simply theft.”

Those caught stealing items from the graves will be charged with theft, Jeffries said.

He’s asking the public to report any suspicious activity at the cemetery by calling his office at 208-226-2319.